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How To Do Magic Tricks

You can learn to do some simple magic tricks with our nicely paced tutorials which explain everything from the basic sleights right up to some of the most stunning magic effects available today.

The most popular categories of this fun hobby are covered in their own sections to make them easily found. It's not necessary to try and learn everything all in one go. Try and learn little and often. This technique along with plenty of practice should give you a good grounding on the path to becoming an accomplished performer.

Easy magic lessons and short cuts to guide you step by step and with the help of magician photos and video demonstrations you can do easy card performances and advanced magic moves and illusions. Glide ? Shuffle ? Pass ? Double Cut ? False Cut ? Sleight of hand ? Palm ? All are explained and demonstrated in a laid back easy to understand manner.

Professional card magicians get there by putting in plenty of practice with sleight of hand, card fans and polishing their glide and card forcing moves know how. This is your shortcut to shuffle to the front of the pack with clever internet magic and poker star know how,

Even learn how to do spoon bending and street magic style illusions. Feel free to visit our card magic page.

Card fan playing card flourish

Tricks Include :

Impossible Card Warp: Learn to conjure up an amazing illusion where you fold two cards and slide one into the center of the other. Now happens a totally amazing transformation to one of the cards which looks absolutely baffling to your audience Includes Video Demo !!!

Card Through The Window : The magician asks a spectator to select a card from the pack and then replace it. After giving the pack a thorough shuffle the magician attempts to guess the spectator's card and appears to be unsuccessful. Then after a few attempts he throws the pack at a window in a fit of rage and upon closer inspection the spectators card is now amazingly stuck to the other side of the window! You will find this and many other secrets explained in this website.

Card Vanish And Production :This is the daddy of cool card sleights where you vanish and re appear cards out of thin air. The move needs plenty of practice to perfect but your patience will be well rewarded as this move when performed well, gets an amazing reaction from your audience

Cup Levitation : Make a cup visibly float, right in front of your spectators eyes. Visually amazing levitating stunt and simple to perform. Includes Internet Magic Video Demo !!! You can even learn to appear to levitate a ketchup sachet inside a sealed bottle.

Invisible Card Prediction: This is a very entertaining magician stunt with a comedy routine to follow. Ends up with a fantastic prediction finish.

Make A Coin Vanish And Reappear : A coin can be made to vanish and reappear in your hand at will. What makes this coin sleight even more astonishing is that the move is done right in front of your spectator's eyes. Includes Video Demo !!! as well as this magic tutorial section containing many cool coin performances for your enjoyment

How To Bend a Spoon: Learn the art of spoon bending as we show you a couple of easy methods of this popular and powerful illusionists routine. Includes Video Demo !!!

There's A Hole In My Pocket : or this one you borrow a quarter or other coin from an audience member and place a mark on the coin. You tell the audience a story about how you are always losing money because there is a hole in your pocket. Then you take the coin and place it your pocket, then realize that it isn't the pocket with the hole it. Then you lift your foot on your opposite leg, and the borrowed coin will be there.

Broken And Restored Spoon Twister . A teaspoon appears to turn to jelly and starts to melt in your hand. You then show a feat of amazing strength by twisting the spoon handle several times until it snaps. You then miraculously weld the spoon back together in your hand. This is visually amazing spoon bending sleights and is a real talking point.

Coin Optical Illusion : The magician in this magic performance creates an optical illusion, which makes the audience think that he has created a new quarter from two quarters.

Voodoo Spirit Writing : The magician writes something on a piece of paper but does not allow the spectators to see what he has written. He then announces that he is about to ask a spectator a question and because he can read his mind he already knows the answer that will be given. The spectator is asked to think of a number between 1 and 100 or a simple shape and reveal it out loud. The note pad is shown to reveal the same answer as the spectator gave.

Magnetic Matches : The audience is shown an ordinary box of matches with the tips showing. The magician then tells the audience that he will magnetize the matches by waving his hand over the box. After doing this he opens the box upside down while lightly holding the match head end of the box between two fingers. The matches will not fall out. He then finishes off by de-magnetizing them and allows the matches to fall to the ground

Balducci Levitation : The magician raises his/her arms up by his/her sides and slowly appears to rise a few inches off the ground for a short period of time before returning to the ground quickly. As performed by David Blaine!.

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