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Andruzzi Ascending Levitation

The magician appears to float up to 6 inches off the ground with spectators in front and behind him.
What you need to do is find a pair of hard rubber shoes. I use a pair of casual Adidas superstars, don't use leather shoes, or the prepared shoe will bend during the levitation.
To prepare the shoe, you need to cut a hole on the bottom of your lifting foot. Make sure that there is about 5mm in the front and back of the shoe left uncut so that you can slip your foot back in after the levitating effect.
I also recommend wearing black socks during the presentation.

Go out and find up to four spectators. Place two of them behind you at the same angles you would for the Balducci levitation. (See the Balducci Levitation page for the exact angles)  Supposing your lifting foot (the foot inside the prepared shoe) is your right.

Have the other two spectators stand in front of you, but have them stand more to your left, and make sure they can still see both your feet. It's then a simple matter to slip your toes out of the uncut segment in the front of your shoe to do the normal Balducci levitation, come back down to the ground, slip your toes back into the shoe and walk away.

Practice this trick with a friend until you get the viewing angles right as this is important for the illusion to work correctly.