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Cool Card Guess

Here is a cool card trick where the spectators correctly guesses the exact positionof a named card in the middlle of a deck, every time.Watch this cool card guess trick being performed and then you can learn the secret to to this magic illusion.

The magic trick learning video will show you the card trick being demonstrated and then you have the opportunity to learn the basic card sleight need to perform the trick smoothly.

In this example a normal set of bicycle brand playng cards have been used

You Will Need :

A pack of playing cards


Before performing this cool magic trick, set up the deck making sure that the card you want the spectator to predict is placed at the bottom of the pack. The spectator should not be aware of this..


Add a little light patter to the trick to make it more entertaining and never forget that however easy a trick may look, that their is no substitute for practice.

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