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Speed Switch Card Trick

Performance: You show your spectator the ace of spades and hand it to them face down, telling them that it is their card, and to remember it. You then show them the ace of hearts telling them that it is YOUR card. You keep it face down as well.

With their card held out (face down) you take your face down card and tell them that you are so fast you are going switch cards with him. You then stab at their card with your finger, then tell them that you have changed cards very quickly, do it again and tell them that the cards are now switched back to their original positions.

You then show him how to do the "lightning switch"( quickly tapping each of the two cards with your finger ). You then switch cards with him and then give him your card (ace of hearts) as well. When he turns them over, he finds he is holding two Queens instead ???

Secret: You stack the deck as follows, top card is ace of spades, next two cards are queens, fourth card from the top is the other ace. You hand the spectator their card, the ace of spades, you then show your card by turning it over, but you really turn over three cards  by using the pinky break method. You have your three cards separated by "breaking" the deck with your little finger. Instead of lifting just one card, you lift the top three cards and the audience see the ace of hearts. Return the three cards to the top of the deck, face down.

When you pretend to do the lightning switch and hand them your card face down, they expect the other ace, but instead are getting one of the queens. You then take their card ( the ace) quickly and put it on top of the deck. While distracting the spectator with some patter and direct eye contact, deal him the second card from the top of the pack (the queen) and return "this" card to him. When he turns his cards over, he has two queens instead of two aces.


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