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This is the daddy of cool card sleights where you vanish and re appear cards out of thin air. The move needs plenty of practice to perfect but your patience will be well rewarded as this move when performed well, gets an amazing reaction from your audience


The magician stretches out their arm to reveal a card clearly held in their hand. then, Whoooosh!!!, in a fraction of a second the card has mysteriously vanished into thin air and the magician clearly presents their empty hand!!!

To make this even more impressive, the magician then grabs a card out of thin air, just as quickly as it vanished.


The handling of the playing card and moves required are shown on the video. Remember to animate the trick by making a slight forward grabbing movement with your hand, each time you vanish and re appear the card.

Good Points

:This trick can be performed almost anywhere with practically no set up time.

The card can be vanished and reappeared instantly and as often as you want

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