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Here is a cool card trick where you, the magician, pluck out two cards previously chosen by the spectator from the middle of a deck of cards.. This close up magic trick looks really cool but as always, a little practice is needed to perfect the trick before you perform it in front of your friends.

The video, below will show you how the super fast card snatch card trick is performed and then take you through the set up and secret moves involved. A more detailed explanation of the magic trick and some useful tips are included at the bottom of the page.

In this example a normal set of bicycle brand playing cards have been used

You Will Need :

A pack of playing cards


Before performing this cool magic trick, set up the deck as shown in video by removing the two red sevens and two black threes.

Place one black three on top of the deck and the red seven on the bottom of the deck.

Place the other seven and three on the top of the deck..


Before performing the snatch, make sure that you are holding the pack of cards in a loose grip so that the top and bottom card will slide off easily.

Practice the snatch move until you are confident about how much pressure to apply when grabbing the top and bottom card..

You can use any other numbers or face cards as long as they are two pairs of different colors.

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