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Somersaulting Card Jump Trick

Effect : A card is picked at random from a full deck by a spectator, the card is then re inserted in the deck without the magician having seen the chosen card. The deck is then dropped on a table and the spectator's card jumps out from the pack and lands face up on the table. This is a visually baffling street magic card trick.

How To Do the Trick:

First, shuffle the deck so that your audience can see that you are not preparing the deck in any way. (Don't comment on this, just do it.)

Next, fan out the cards in your hand, and then have someone pick a card.

While your spectator is memorizing their card, you do the following two quick, easy maneuvers.:

1) Quickly move the top card to the bottom of the pack, while at the same time, flip it face up. You will now be holding a deck with the bottom card facing upside down.

2) Now, the whole deck over. You're left with an upside down deck, but because the (now) top card has been reversed, it will look like a regular deck.

Now hold the deck out in front of you ( make sure you don't fan the cards at all - as you don't want to reveal that you're really holding onto an upside down deck.) Ask the spectator to insert their card back into the middle of the deck.

Next, turn around facing away from the spectator and turn the top card back over so that it faces the same direction as the rest of the deck. Scan through the deck to find the upside down card that the audience member just inserted.

Your are now ready to perform the big finale, that really makes this trick worthwhile performing.

Place the spectator's card on top of the deck, and then, hold onto the deck from above. You are now about to drop the deck flatly, onto a table top. BUT slide the top card back off the deck by a quarter-inch (this move will be covered by your hand). Then, drop the deck from about two feet up. The deck will hit the table, and the top card (the selected card) will amazingly flip over. This looks like a really impressive stunt to your onlookers.

Great card trick image, illustrating finale of this magic trick

Different Ending Move :

An alternative finish to the trick can be performed as follows. Instead of turning around, discretely move the deck back to it's right side up position and flip back over the previously reversed end card. Now fan out the deck and your audience should be impressed that their chosen card has is the only one upside down in the middle of the deck.

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