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A coin appears to pass through your hand

You place a coin onto the back of your fist, rub it with your right hand and it appears to penetrate through your fist, dropping onto the table below!

This is a nice and easy trick, although it does take some practice before performing it in front of an audience.

Hold your left arm out with fist clenched so that the hole above the thumb is facing towards you. (Your arm should be facing to the right.)

Place a coin onto the back of your fist and begin to rub it with your right hand. As you do this, carefully slide the coin towards the hole above your left thumb. Use your left thumb slightly to guide it in. Practice this to the point where you don't have to tilt your left hand at all. It should look very smooth.

Now take your right hand away to reveal that the coin has vanished. Then open your fist slightly to allow the coin to drop onto the table.

Although this stunt may seem simple as you know how it's done, it WILL amaze people.


Good Luck



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