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Amazing Coin Balance Magic Trick

Here is a really cool coin trick to learn, where you, the magician, can balance a coin on your fingertips to the amazement of your audience. They are not able to copy your stunt.

You Will Need:: One large coin, one straight pin

 This is a great coin trick for the magician to show of his amazing concentration and balancing skills.

How It's Done:  You need to have a regular straight pin concealed in one hand, between the first two fingers. With your other hand, take a coin out of your pocket and allow it to be examined by the audience, otherwise you can borrow a coin from one of them!

When they hand back the coin, lay it down on top of the straight pin in your other hand. Now, raise the coin to a standing position near the ends of your fingers, and as you do this, raise the straight pin with it, making sure no one but you can see that the the pin is there.
Keep a little pressure on the pin being held between your two fingers, and the coin will balance there as if held by secret magical forces!

You can use some entertaining patter about mind over matter, or wiggle the fingers of your other hand over the coin as if you are using your secret magic powers to raise the coin on it's side.!

After a few moments, slowly release pressure on the pin, and it should let the coin gently drift back down onto your fingers! Don't forget to discretely get rid of the pin while people are examining the coin again!

This is an easy enough magic trick to learn which can easily be enhanced by your acting skills and a little entertaining chit chat. As with all successful tricks, don't forget to practice the trick until you can perform it easily. Have fun.