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Amazing trick using a credit or debit card which is inserted into a deck to find a special card. When the credit card has been randomly placed by a spectator and the special one displayed, a remarkable piece of magic appears to have happened which seems impossible. Find out how to perform this impressive trick with a simple bank card, on this page.


You Will Need: Two identical packs of playing cards, some adhesive or double sided sticky tape and a credit or debit card, you could even use a gift voucher or any card that would normally be found in a wallet or purse.


1) A duplicate card is picked out of the second deck and prepared as explained in the magic video tutorial

2) Spectator is given the credit or debit type card and asked to place it anywhere into the deck of their free choice.

3) Their freely chosen card is shown to them and the credit card is then removed.

4) This trick can have a great variety of different finishes of which a few are demonstrated in the free magic video.

This shows you the basics of how to manage the performance but feel free to use your imagination to make the trick more entertaining.



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