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David Copperfield Vanishing The Statue Of Liberty Trick

Effect:One of David Copperfields spectatcular tricks was making the Statue of Liberty disappear to the amazement of his audience.

How Was It Done?: The audience could see the statue of liberty through the pillars. The curtain then comes up to block the audiences view. The live audience is on a secret swiveling platform that rotated slowly to the side of the statue. The statue of liberty lights are turned off, the blip on the radar is part of a video animation.

The curtain is then lowered, the audience and the viewers watching on T.V see that the statue has disappeared but all they are really looking at is a duplicate set of lights that is situated right next to the real statue of liberty. The lights on the two towers are there to night blind the audience for a few minutes so as to make it hard to see the statue of liberty.

The curtain is then raised up the audience is rotated round again to face the statue of liberty the curtain is dropped and the statue has miraculously reappeared.

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