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How To Bend Spoons

Effect: The magician takes a normal stainless steel spoon and holds it out right in front of his audience. He then proceeds to shake the spoon gently, once again in full view of his audience.

The spoon appears to visibly melt and the bowl of the spoon droops down while the magician is holding it. The spoon can then be handed out for examination

Another amazing sight is performed when the magician places a spoon on the table and appears to bend the spoon almost double a few times using very little effort. This feat is done in full view of the audience and once the trick has been performed, the spoon can once again be handed out for examination where it appears to be totally unaltered.

Both these spoon tricks are easy to learn and perform. The performance is shown in the magic instruction video below here which follows each performance with an explanation of the magic secret.


Like most street magic, the workings of the trick are only a part of the overall performance and tricks can be greatly enhance by some entertaining patter from the street magician such as his ability to harness psychokinetic energy from the air e.t.c. It really doesn't matter too much as long as its entertaining.

Spoon bending is also a great theme as there are many places where spoons are readily available such as restaurants or bars.

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