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Three Easy Card Tricks

Here are three clever, easy to do card tricks that you can learn quickly and soon be performing simple card magic. Although they are not difficult do, they are very impressive and will start your reputation as a cool card magician.

Easy Vanishing Card Trick Lesson

Show your friend a pack of cards, still inside their packet. Remove the deck from the packet, but secretly leave one card inside the packet. Memorize the suit and number of the remaining card, making sure that your spectator is not aware that their is still one card still inside the pack.

Give your spectator the deck of cards to shuffle, then get them to deal 5 cards, face down on the table

Hand the spectator a pen and paper then continue as follows: Lift each of the 5 cards up one at a time and call out the suit and number of the card to the spectator and get them to write the name of each card on the paper. ( Here's where the secret to this trick takes part ). When you lift up the 5th card call out the name of the card that is still hidden in the box . The spectator will then write the name of the hidden card on the paper.

Next pick up the 5 cards ( still face down so that the spectator cannot see their face up side) and replace them in the deck. Finally get the spectator to re shuffle the deck and then to examine the cards to make sure that they are all there. when they discover that one card has vanished,, you can then present them the card packet and reveal that the vanished card is inside. This card trick, although simple to do will usually surprise your audience and get a good reaction.

Easy Aces Card Magic Lesson

Before performing this trick, pre prepare the deck by placing the four aces on top of the deck, face down.

You are now ready to perform. Ask your spectator to divide the deck into four equal piles by dropping cards off the bottom of the deck.

Keep an eye on the pile that contains the four aces. Ask your spectator to pick a non-ace pile and hold it in his hand. Now ask them to take 3 cards from the top of the pile and place them at the bottom. Then ask them to take 3 cards from the top and place them individually on the top of each of the other piles.

Ask them to repeat this procedure for the next two non-ace piles. Next, ask them to carry out the same procedure for the pile that contains the aces. Finally ask them to turn over the top card from each pile, which will amazingly be the four aces.

Super Quick Card Vanish

Here is a super quick card vanish that you can perform after a little practice. You can even use the same technique to vanish coins. The performance and secret are revealed on the magic video below.