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Easy but fascinating magic trick with with cards. A spectator's card is buried anywhere in the deck and found by a joker every time !!!

This card trick is easy to do and can be learned and performed very quickly. It requires only a simple gimmick and no real sleight of hand or difficult card flourishes, needing only a simple ruffle through the deck to perform a convincing magic card illusion.

Explain to your audience that your pack of cards contains a magic joker that will seek out their chosen card every time. You are now ready to begin the trick.

A corner square is cut out of the joker, place joker on bottom of pack, keeping cards in the position shown.

Prepare the deck as follows before your performance, out of sight of your audience. Take a joker out of the deck of cards and cut out a corner section as shown in the photo on the left. Place the prepared card on the bottom of the deck.

Fan out cards and invite spectator to choose any card from the pack

To begin the trick, fan out the deck and invite your spectator to choose any card from the deck. Ask them memorize it and then place it back on top of the deck.

Cut the deck once. This will bring the joker and the spectator's card together.

Cut the deck once so that you appear to be burying their card in the deck Unknown to them, you are bringing their card next to the prepared joker.

Hold deck as shown, thumb in bottom corner and riffle through cards with first finger from bottom to top of pack.

Now, hold the deck as shown in the photo and with your finger, riffle through the deck from the bottom to the top of the deck.

After riffling through the deck, the joker will jump out from the deck of cards as shown.

You will find that the the joker will jump out from the pack.

Show pack face up, to spectator, showing the joker and their card. Use your best patter to waffle on about the jokers magical properties. etc, etc.

Hold out the pack as shown, facing your spectator. Their card will be directly in front of the joker. Use your best acting skills and patter to make the most of this seemingly impossible feat.

This card trick really can look amazing and like any cool magic illusion, benefits from you, the magician, having a little practice and thinking up some imaginative patter, before performing the trick in front of an audience.

The use of a good quality pack of playing cards such as Bicycle Brand can help you to get the best handling from the pack when performing tricks and sleights and are a popular choice of all levels of magicians.

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