How To Force A Card

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Easy lessons for forcing a card that when mastered will allow you to perform lots of amazing card tricks.

The art of forcing a card is to ask the spectator to choose any card and make them pick the card you want him to pick. This way, you can create your own tricks. Just before performing, select a card to force. Then, force that card, and let the spectator shuffle the deck. Ask them to cut the deck in half and keep on doing things that will make your audience think that is imposible for you to tell which card was chosen. After a while you can reveal their card and accept the applause.

Riffle Force : This is an easy to learn method of forcing a card. You can learn this sleight of hand quickly and it looks very convincing. the magic secret is explained in this magic video tutorial.

Elimination Force *** Card to be forced has been upturned to make it easy to see in this lesson***

Select card and place face down on top of the pack.

1. To perform this force, select the card to force and place it on top of the face down deck. Tell your audience that you will extract six cards at random. Extract the top card and five more cards. You must always remember which one is your peeked card.

Cards arranged in two rows to allow an easy card forcing manouvre.

Now, display the six cards in two rows of three cards each. For this example, the selected card will be the third one of the top row.

Manipulating the rows to help with forcing the card

3. Ask the spectator to select a row. If the spectator selects the top row, say -"ok, we'll keep this one...". If the spectator selects the bottom one, say -"ok, we'll take this one out". The idea is to keep the row with our peeked card.

Eliminating the other cards in order to force the magicians force card.

4. Now, ask the spectator to select any two cards. There are three possibilities. If the spectator selects the first row, say - "let me remove these two cards and you take the remaining one". If the spectator selects the last two, remove the first one, leaving the second and the third, and repeat the process. If he selects the first and the last, remove the second one and repeat the process.

Stop Force

Better card forcing method easy and impressive.

1. This method of forcing a card, looks even better, because you actually ask the spectator to tell you to stop any place on the deck and HE selects the card at the stop point. Start by cutting the deck and placing the card to be forced at the top of the bottom portion of the deck.

Little finger break sleight used for forcing card

2. Now, you'll be doing a very useful move named the little finger break . This move consists in leaving your little finger over the peeked card, so you can easily cut to it.

Riffle the deck with little finger break in place. Spectator can tell when to stop.

3. Now, riffle the deck and ask your spectator to tell you to stop in any place.

When spectator says stop, the magician cuts the pack at the finger break.

4. When the spectator calls stop, you'll stop at the break . (requires practice)

Spectator is handed his chosen card to his amazement in this impressive production technique.

5. Give the spectator the card he selected and bow to the applause of the crowd.

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