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Effect: The spectator is shown a fanned out set of cards and asked to pick one & concentrate on that card. The chosen card is not revealed by the spectator. The magician appears to read the spectators mind and pulls out or even tears up the spectators secretly chosen card.

Preparation: For this trick you'll need two sets of cards, each with five cards. (The cards should be five different cards, but should resemble each other (for instance, if you had a Jack of spades in one, use a Jack of clubs in the other). ie SET ONE : JC,10H,QS,KD,AC. and SET TWO: JC,10D,QC,KH,AS.

Magic lesson photo showing the sequence of cards needed to perform the illusion.

Method: Hide the second set of five cards, but keep them somewhere close, so that you can secretly switch them with the other set of five cards. Now, fan out the five cards. Tell the spectator to remember and concentrate on one of the cards. Now, as you collect the cards, you'll need to switch between the two sets. Now spread out the second set of cards on the table, face down.

Use some play acting and appear to be concentrating deeply as if reading the spectator's thoughts. Place a finger on one of the spread ot cards and slide it out from the rest of the cards. The finishing move is up to you, either

1) Turn over the remaining four cards to show that the spectator's card has been removed.

2) Tear the card that you removed into small pieces, making sure that the spectator does not see the face up side of the torn card.

A simple trick but with a powerful finish. This trick is only as good as the performance and patter that you can use to make it entertaining.

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