Card Vanish Handkerchief Illusion

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A card is seen to be lifted from the pile, along with a handkerchief. The card then suddenly vanishes into thin air !!!

You Will Need

  • An ordinary deck of cards
  • Handkerchief with a hem
  • Toothpick
  • Scissors

Take a toothpick and match it up against the end of one of the cards.
Now take the scissors and cut the toothpick so it's the same as the width of the card.
Push the toothpick into the hem of the handkerchief. Making sure that it won't fall out.

Take the deck of cards and spread them out in a pile on the table in front of the audience.
Bring out your handkerchief and let the audience know that you are going to make a playing card vanish right in front of their eyes !!!
Now place the handkerchief on top of the pile of cards, making sure that the part of the handkerchief containing the toothpick is underneath the rest of the handkerchief.

Keep a relaxed manner and don't make it obvious that you are laying out the handkerchief in any certain way.

Card vanish magic trick illusion magic illustration.

Now using one hand, grab the corner of the handkerchief with the toothpick hidden in the hem between your thumb and first finger.

Lift up the handkerchief about 50 centimetres, then give the handkerchief a quick shake. Show both sides of the hanky to the audience who will see that the( imaginary) card has indeed vanished into thin air !!!

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