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The pack of cards is one of the most versatile and portable pieces of equipment that a magician can own. There are thousands of tricks and magic performances that can be done with a deck of cards. What this page aims to do is share some of the best tricks and illusions know how with you. You will find some of the basic card sleights and some performance tips on the links on this page. card fan magic flourish.

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Card Trick Basic Sleights Mind Reading Card
Glass Balance Magic Impossible Card Warp
Super Fast Card Snatch Card Vanish & Production
Torn And Restored Card Mystic Card Deck
Grab Card From The Air Amazing Card Prediction
Credit Card Swipe Trick Levitating Card
Coin Through Card Magic In A Glass
Guess Meister Forcing A Card  
Invisible Card Trick Color Changing Card
No Cards Card Trick Easy Card Tricks
Three Jacks Trick Cool Card Guess Prediction
Card Morph Card Trick Master System Card Trick
Palming A Card Tear Pack Cards In Half
Amazing Ink Fusion Cool Card Switch
Show Your Face Elevating Card
Card On Ceiling Somersaulting Card
Quick Change Quick As A Wink
Super Fast Card Switch Elevating Card
You Must Be Joking !!  

In the end, the secret of good tricks with cards is a smooth performance and one of the best ways to achieve this is by practice. It is a good idea to practice one or two tricks that you can perform very well than to practice a lot of tricks to not such a polished level.Whether performing cool easy magic tricks revealed on stage, power close up magic or Dynamo style street magic, your pack of card tricks will always come in handy. New Card Magic Instruction Videos Are Being Added Regularly!