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There are many fascinating tricks and  illusions that can be done with coins. It is amazing that such simple objects such as quarters, form the basis of some fascinating magic routines. You will find some free coin and quarter tricks linked below.
Coins can provide some great magic trick opportunities to perform money magic.
Penny Prediction Coin Vanish And Production
Impossible Note Switch Amazing Appearing Dollars
How To Vanish A Coin Vanish A Coin In A Silk
Amazing Coin Balance Double Your Money Magic
Palm Penetration Sleight Of Hand Vanish
Coin Flip Magic Switch

Coin Through Card

Poker Coin Roll Easy Coin Vanish
How To Palm A Coin Nickel Spiral Coin Stack
Coin Melt Through Paper Freaky Coin Bend
Changing Pockets Trick

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A very good read for those of you interested in how to do magic coin tricks, is the book Bobo's Modern Coin Magic. This book contains a very good collection of coin tricks and coin sleights and is a great read for both amateur and advanced magicians to learn. You can link to more information on this magic lessons book by clicking on the Magic Shopping link on the left of this page. Enjoy this free selection of tricks with coins and money and take full advantage of the opportunity to learn an enjoyable and highly rewarding hobby.