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Magic tricks title banner showing  magician's hats.The art of levitation is something that has fascinated man since time began. Magicians have often tried to incorporate some form of levitation into their magic act. Whether it be self levitation or object levitating, the reaction that a successful levitation trick can get from an audience can be astounding.
This section will show you the secrets of some levitation techniques and illusions. You can learn how to do some simple levitating techniques in this, one of the most fascinating subjects in magic and illusion. David Blaine helped popularize the Balducci levitation. You can learn the secret here.
Levitate objects in mid air.

The Balducci Levitation Group Levitation
Levitating Small Objects Super Easy Card Levitation
Andruzzi Levitation Cup Levitation
Classic Levitation Upside Down Trick
Climbing Ring Trick  

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