Coin Vanish Through Glass

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This is an easy to do cool coin trick where a coin appears to vanish when covered by a clear glass. The finish is equally impressive as the coin reappears as suddenly as it disappeared. ( Video explanation at bottom of this page. )

Preparation : This easy coin magic trick requires a few simple props

A glass

Paper glue or clear sticky tape


Sheet of paper

Piece of cloth or a handkerchief.

Place the glass upside down on the paper and draw a line on the paper around the glass so that you have a circle the same size as the rim of the glass.

Carefully cut out the circle shape with the scissors ( kids can get an adult to do this for them )

Glue or tape the paper circle to the rim of the glass

Performance :

This trick should be performed on a surface that is the same color as the paper.

Show the coin and upturned glass, then cover the upturned glass with the cloth and place it over the coin.

Remove the cloth from the glass so that the audience can see inside the glass. The coin appears to have vanished.

Cover the glass again with the cloth and remove the glass to its original position. The coin has magically reappeared.

This trick is very easy to perform but looks really impressive and is a lot of fun to perform.