Almost Perfect Illusion - Morphing Matches

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This close up illusion can look incredible. Two solid matches are seen to melt through each other.


Two matches are held out and shown to your spectator. It is obvious that the matches are solid and are seen to be unable to pass through each other. Then suddenly !! The impossible seems to have happened. One of the matches has unexplainably melted through the other match, This has all happened right in front of your spectator, making the illusion even more convincing.


The handling of the matches and moves required are shown on the video. Remember that this trick relies heavily on the angle of view, so practice the trick a few times in front of a mirror until your are aware of the best angles.

Good Points:

This trick can be performed almost anywhere with practically no set up time

Uses only two matches, which are normally easy to get hold off in most places.

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