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Mystic Card Deck Prediction

Here is a cool mind reading card trick where a deck of cards is seen to predict any chosen card. This looks amazing and the trick has an entertaining twist at the end.

The tutorial , below will explain how the mystic card prediction trick is performed and also explains the magic set up in order for you to be able to perform the trick.

The trick needs no gimmicks and uses only a normal deck of playing cards. The beauty of this trick is that it is self working and once you know the secret, it should work every time for you. You are able to make the trick more entertaining by improvising on a story about a magical deck of cards

You Will Need :

A pack of playing cards


Before performing this cool magic trick, set up the deck as shown in video by placing one of the sevens from the deck so that it lies 7 cards from the bottom of the deck. This card should be back to back with the rest of the cards in the deck


Let spectator choose a card memorize it and place it back on top of the deck face down.

Spectator is then asked to give the deck one full cut.

Magician then fans through the deck to reveal an upturned "7" . Spectator thinks that trick has gone wrong.

It is then explained that the deck has predicted that the spectator's card is hidden 7 cards beneath the upturned 7. Seven cards are counted and the spectator's chosen card is revealed.

This trick is self working, easy to learn and is good fun to perform.


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