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   Penetrating Ashes Trick
A version of this trick was performed by David Blaine on his television special

Effect: The magician takes a small amount of cigarette ash and rubs it onto the spectators clenched fist until it disappears. He then says some magic words and asks the spectator to open their fist to reveal that the ash has penetrated onto their palm.

Preparation: Put some ash on your middle finger before performing the trick.

Method: Tell the spectator to stand in front of you and hold their hands out towards you, palms down. Tell them to come a little closer and physically grab their hands to gently pull the person a little closer. At the same time touch their palm lightly with the ash on your middle finger. Ask them to close theiir fist and then take a small amount of ash from an ashtray which you place on the back of their fist and rub in until it disappears. You can then say some magic words and ask them to open their hands to see that the ash seems to have penetrated their fist.
This trick can get a really good reaction but should only be performed once or the spectators will get wise.

Put some ash on your finger The spectator holds out their hand in front of themself. Place a small amount of ash in the spectators palm.
  1) Put ash on finger. 2) Spectator holds out hands.   3) Place ash in spectators palm.
Rub some ash on the spectators fist. The spectator should be amazed to see taht the ash appears to have penetrated through to his palm.
4) Rub ash on spectator's fist.  5) Spectators opens hand to reveal ash.








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