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Here is a really cool street magic trick where you are able to spear a sugar packet in mid air with your finger. This lightning reaction trick looks amazing and is easy to do.

You Will Need:: Two sugar packets

 This is a great impromptu trick for the magician to show of his amazing concentration and super fast reactions.

How It's Done:  This cool stunt requires only two sugar packets and very little set up. The magic trick instruction video on this page will show you the trick being performed then shows you the easy set up to before performing the trick

The cool laid back nature of this stunt, lends itself well to the area of street magic as it can be done with very little set up and performed almost anywhere, although a setting such a as a cafe or restaurant where the sugar packets are already present at the table make this clever illusion seem even more impromptu and believable.

Finally like all magic, the icing on the cake is the way that you present the trick so brush up with a little cool patter to add some humor and fun value. This illusion looks really stunning when shown after a little practice and your audience should be really impressed by the speed of your reaction. Watch and enjoy.