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Tear A Deck In Half

This cool magic card trick shows you how to tear a deck of cards in half, appearing to have incredible strength to perform this stunt.

There are various methods of making this strong man card trick easier for you. Check out these various secret tips below.

1) Clip each card slightly with a pair of scissors in the middle on both sides of each card and then put all cards back in the deck.

2) Spread out the cards on a tray in a moderately hot oven for an hour or two to dry them out. ( Take care here and don't have oven too hot or forget that they are in the oven.)

3) Split the pack into four piles and tear each pile of cards almost halfway through the middle of the cards. Then put the piles back together as one pack and place an untorn card on top of the pack.

To tear an un gimmicked, unprepared pack in half, you can try the following method.

Grip one end of the pack tightly between the four fingers and thumb, with your thumb lying over the back of the pack.The other end of the pack is then gripped by the other hand placed across the side of the pack. This feat of magic strength can be made easier by slightly spreading the cards in your hands so that you start by tearing just a few cards at first.

This card manipulation trick can be a good ice breaker or be used to break up a sequence of card tricks by adding a little variety to the magicians act.

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