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 Torn And Restored Card Trick

A card (which can even be a signed card) is torn into four pieces. The spectator puts a finger on the pieces and the pieces magically restore themselves back into a whole card.


Before doing the trick, tear off one fourth of a card of  the same colour of suit as the one that you will be appearing to tear. Start the trick with the card facing in front of you and fold it into fourths, creasing the card and then unravel it. Explain to your audience that doing this makes it easier to tear the card evenly.

Hold the card in front of you, facing the audience, the extra torn card piece should be pressed by your thumb onto the side of the card that is facing you. Rip down the upper middle of the card stopping at the centre. Now fold down the upper right corner and slide out the corner you ripped of earlier, to be shown as the piece that has been torn off . ( This should look like you have just torn off the corner from the card - the audience cannot see that the real corner is still attached to the card and folded out of their view.)
Now put the torn piece behind the card again, being held in position with your thumb.
Fold what is now the lower right corner behind the card. As you are bending this piece back, slide the extra piece into view again, pretend to tear it off. Place it behind the card and fold the card in half again. (really it is still together) Pretend to tear it in half again, but just slide the loose piece off the pile convincingly to look like it has just been torn. Place the piece behind the card which is now folded up. Now even though the card is not torn into pieces, you can fan the folded card to make it look like it is in several pieces. Ask a spectator to place their fingers on the "torn" pieces. As you set the pieces on the table, steal the loose piece with your thumb and hide it in your hand by using a finger palm move Misdirect and place the loose piece in your pocket. Now ask the spectator to examine the card and they will find it is in one piece.


1) Tear extra piece from other card.

 2) Fold card into fourths. 

3) Hold extra piece in place with thumb.

 4) Present "torn" piece to audience.

   5) Fold second half of card. 

  6) Fold third half of card.